Bradley Consulting Group

Certified Arborists Consulting for San Diego

Independent, Third-Party Tree Consultants

Tree Management Consulting from a Board Certified Master Arborist   

  • Annual Care Recommendations
  • Basic Tree Inventories
  • Complete Tree Inventories
    RFP Preparation
  • Work Review
  • Care History Documentation 
  • Pest and Disease Diagnosis  


 Three reasons to hire an independent, third-party Master Arborist:

  1. Budgets and work scopes determined by contractors who provide the service being recommended have a vested interest in getting the work. Their consulting is more like an estimate and can be interpreted as a conflict of interest.
  2. Third party experts have no financial interest in their recommendations. Because tree care providers are motivated to maximize sales, they are not as motivated to identify efficiencies as consulting arborists are.
  3. Owners, boards, tree care providers, economies, and managers can change over time. We ensure that proper care for the trees is consistent through the years, increasing the lifespan of the landscape and the percieved value of the property.

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