Bradley Consulting Group

Certified Arborists Consulting for San Diego

Independent, Third-Party Tree Consultants

Board Certified Master Arborists providing tree consulting for San Diego County and the greater southern California region. Avoid unnecessary costs by hiring an independent, third-party expert to help make educated, prudent decisions regarding tree care and protect the most valuable assets in your landscape. We can help save your green.

 San Diego Tree Expert Certified Arborist Tree Experts

Our Registered Consulting Arborists provide tree management planning, tree assessments, expert witness testimony, and other tree-related reporting throughout southern California. Call 619-255-7077 for questions about consulting, fee schedules, or additional services.

Saving Your Green - The mission statement of the Bradley Consulting Group is to protect and enhance the value of our clients' assets through unbiased, proactive tree care planning, reducing maintenance costs and risk potential in all markets.

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